Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy country in the world.

Welcome to Luxembourg.Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium at the heart of Europe it is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Despite its compact size, it incorporates dense forests (which cover one third of the country), rocky gorges, beautiful lakes and rivers, and it is home to several castles (more than 50 still standing).Visitors can head north for some hiking, take a boat trip down the River Moselle in the wine-growing region, cycle through picturesque villages, or take in stunning modern and medieval architecture.

Luxembourg is home to Europe’s most beautiful balcony ( Chemin de La Corniche) part of the vibrant Luxembourg city, Vianden Castle and Luxembourg Ardennes – famous for lush green valleys and water streams, a dream for any nature lover.

Luxembourg city

For many Luxembourg city is Luxembourg, the country. The bustling and lovely cosmopolitan city has an impressive range of touristic sites thanks to its history. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Luxembourg City is a lively and modern EU capital, but is also brimming with history from its cobbled streets to its medieval fortifications.The city is famous for picturesque spots including the Adolphe Bridge, Grand Ducal Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral , Bock Casements, Corniche,Grund & Neimenster Abbey and The Golden Lady.

The city is home to some of the best museums including the MUDAM,Villa Vauban and Museum of Modern Art and History.

Luxembourg Ardennes

The fine Conifer forests of the Ardennes stretch from Belgium to France and cover a large part of north-west Luxembourg. It is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and there is even a cross-country skiing in the winter.

With their majestic landscapes that alternate between scenic highlands and winding valleys, the Éislek region (Luxembourg Ardennes) offers an exceptional experience in nature, some of the best maintained medieval remains and fairy tale castles including the Vianden Castle, a fairy-tale castle set atop a hill, Bourscheid Castle perched 150 metres above the River Sûre and Beaufort Castle,a medieval castle dating back to the 11th century.



Pretty villages, Roman ruins and Gothic castles mark the Guttland region and the Valley of the Seven Castles, filled with hiking and biking routes. Just outside the city of Luxembourg, the visitors will find an enchanting setting of charming villages with old farm houses and beautiful natural landscape.


Luxembourg’s own Little Switzerland, the Mullerthal region, incorporates wooded plateaus and unusual rock formations, and one of the Grand Duchy’s oldest towns, Echternach. It’s the perfect place to do long or short hiking trails.


In the southern Red Rock region, travellers can visit the renovated steelworks which pay homage to the country’s industrial heritage whilst showcasing its state-of-the-art research facilities and modern university campus.


The River Moselle lends its name to one of the most beautiful valleys of Luxembourg, famous for its wineries, charming hotels and medieval towns.

Try out some local Moselle wines at one of the numerous wine estates, or take a tour to see how the country’s favourite tipple, Crémant (sparkling wine), is produced.

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