Luxembourg is the 20th small country in the world.

Luxembourg is small. Still, this country is home to Europe’s most beautiful balcony ( Chemin de La Corniche) also a World Heritage Site, vibrant Luxembourg city, Vianden Castle and Luxembourg Ardennes – famous for lush green valleys and water streams, a dream for any nature lover.

Luxembourg city

For many Luxembourg city is Luxembourg, the country. The bustling and lovely cosmopolitan city has an impressive range of touristic sites thanks to its history. The city is famous for picturesque spots including the Adolphe Bridge, Grand Ducal Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and of course the Old Quarter.

Luxembourg Ardennes

The fine conifer forests of the Ardennes stretch from Belgium to France and cover a large part of north-west Luxembourg. It is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and there is even cross-country skiing in the winter.

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