December is a great time to visit Germany especially Cologne, famous for its Christmas markets.

Charming castles, towering churches, Colourful Christmas markets, a festival just to celebrate beer are just some of the few reasons that are good enough to visit Germany. The different regions of Germany including the Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Bavaria, all offers diverse attractions that you cannot tick them off in a single visit. One of the larger countries by size in Western Europe, Germany oozes in authenticity and old world charm.


The capital city of Germany, Berlin once famous for the notorious Berlin Wall, is a hip, cool, modern city that offers plenty of activities. Sit in a cafe and enjoy people watching or visit one of the many parks spread across the city. Visiting in Winter? The city offers plenty of attractions including the Check-Point Charlie and Reichstag.

Attractions: Reichstag – the seat of German parliament is famous for its glass dome, Museum Island – Complex of internationally significant museums and a UNESCO world heritage site,  Check Point Charlie, Berlin wall remains.


Known for the world-renowned annual beer festival Oktoberfest, Munich the capital of Bavaria is home to several attractions including Munich Residenz, Neues Rathaus, Englischer Garten, Marienplatz.  Some of the region’s most famous museums including Deutsches museum Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek, and Churches St Peters Church, Asam Church, Frauen Kirche, Theatine church are also located in Munich.

Car lovers can visit BMW museum and BMW Welt, a stunning car dealership showroom or alternatively Allianz Arena, home to the FC Bayern Munich.


Home to the mighty Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site, Cologne located on the banks of river Rhine is a cultural capital and a historic city. The Old town of Cologne houses some majestic building and a visit to Cologne is never complete without a cruise on the river Rhine. If you like a bit of venture than climb the 400 steps of the Cologne cathedral where you will be rewarded with lovely views or take it easy by sipping Cologne’s very own beer Kölsch.


The black forest famous for the vast and calm forest, open mountain heights and peaks with stunning views, charming valley’s and lakes, is a must visit for every traveler. Considered as Germany’s largest national parks famous for its natural beauty, Black Forest is also home to several villages and towns. Some of the attractions of Black forest include Eble-Uhren, famous for Cuckoo clock, Triberg waterfalls, Watermill, Lake Titisee, Lake Mummelsee, Schiltach (famous for timber houses) among others.


Castle’s in Germany is more than just a royal residence or for the rich. The towering castles are located in a fairy tale setting good enough to become an inspiration for Disney logo and movies. Several of them located on mountain peaks are rich in history and home to artifacts, furniture restored to its former glory. Some of the famous castle’s of Germany include:

Neuschwanstein Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Lichtenstein Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

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